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Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression
Philadelphia, PA
Maintask has taken so much off of my team's shoulders. We are so happy with their services! I would highly recommend them to anyone who could use extra help managing their Salesforce. We have used plenty of consultants over the years, and it's a huge difference to have one that is proactive, knowledgeable, actually helpful, and does the work for you!
Ashley Adams
Director of Development
Client Profile
The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, formerly known as the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, is a non-profit civil liberties group founded in 1999 with the aim of protecting free speech rights in the United States.

With over 100 users, FIRE had long acknowledged the need for extensive Salesforce services. They had previously engaged a company to provide these services but were dissatisfied due to the lack of personalized service and the low level of attention received. Their quest for professional assistance often led to inadequate responses, commonly a link to a help article, if even that.


Maintask addressed this challenge with Support+ managed services package. This solution offers access to a prompt and proactive support team and includes comprehensive admin-level work from small field edits to complex flows and architecture assistance. This package allowed FIRE to elevate its Salesforce operations, leading to enhanced internal procedures and a better understanding of its revenue streams and programs. 


A significant enhancement of FIRE's Salesforce capabilities.

- Added complex Salesforce capacity for a fraction of the cost. 
- Provided individualized onboarding training for all new employees working with Salesforce, so that they can focus on what matters most.
- Provided specialized architecture and best practices consulting. 
- Created a realiable way of managing and executing clean up processes for optimal data quality. 

More Case Studies.

Greenfield Salesforce Implementation

The Woman's Club of Minneapolis, founded in 1907, is dedicated to fostering local community and building relationships through social, cultural, and educational activities. The organization aims to empower women, support philanthropic initiatives, and create enriching experiences that contribute positively to its members and the broader community.

Internal Administrator Services

Be Equitable, seeking specialized Salesforce administration, utilized Maintask's Support+ package. This service offered dynamic support, resolving staff turnover issues and boosting Salesforce efficiency. It supplanted the need for an internal administrator, cutting costs by 40%, and provided all-encompassing support for Salesforce and websites. This strategic shift allowed Be Equitable to concentrate on core tasks, markedly enhancing efficiency.

Student Portal & Gamification

Students For Liberty faced challenges in managing extensive student data and events. A customized Salesforce solution, including NPSP and Experience Cloud, was implemented to revolutionize data management and student engagement. It introduced a gamification system for active student participation, boosting volunteer numbers from 750 to 4000 annually, resulting in significant growth in program, engagement, and budget.

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