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Houston, TX
Having Maintask’s ongoing Salesforce support provides so much relief and assurance for me. I have confidence that their team of experts will be able to resolve any issues that come up quickly, correctly, and aligned with best practices. They are great at communicating, don’t do anything in production without my go-ahead, and work to make things as easy as possible for me to manage the relationship and projects. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is looking for this type of ongoing support.
Sarah Spencer
Technology Solutions Lead
Client Profile
Be Equitable (formerly ‘Cook Ross’) is on a mission to build a more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible world – starting with the workplace. Offering consulting, strategy, and training services to clients like NASA, Nintendo, Oracle, and Verizon, Be Equitable has helped businesses to realize the power of difference and cultivate workplaces where everyone can be. Over the past thirty years, they’ve developed a reputation as leaders in unconscious bias training; a program developed by their founders and favored by clients across the country.

Be Equitable encountered difficulties in sourcing an internal Salesforce administrator possessing the specific skills they required for the platform's optimal administration. Their concerns also extended to potential staff turnover, with the worry of needing to hire again should the selected individual depart. They were aware that they needed assistance with Salesforce but were uncertain about how to obtain it.


Maintask addressed these concerns through introducing the Support+ ongoing services package. This managed services solution delivers immediate access to a dynamic support team, eradicates the worry of staff turnover, and supplements Be Equitable's team with added administrative capabilities. By leveraging this package, Be Equitable was able to enhance their Salesforce operations, thereby liberating core employees to concentrate on more strategic tasks.


A significant enhancement in BE's Salesforce capabilities.

- Completely replaced an internal Salesforce administrator capacity, reducing the costs of an internal Salesforce administrator by 40%. 
- Providing complete and care-free support for Salesforce and websites both. Taking the burden off the team so they can focus on moving the business forward.
- Working with and supporting specialized tools like Certinia PSA (FinancialForce PSA).

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Greenfield Salesforce Implementation

The Woman's Club of Minneapolis, founded in 1907, is dedicated to fostering local community and building relationships through social, cultural, and educational activities. The organization aims to empower women, support philanthropic initiatives, and create enriching experiences that contribute positively to its members and the broader community.

Internal Administrator Services

Be Equitable, seeking specialized Salesforce administration, utilized Maintask's Support+ package. This service offered dynamic support, resolving staff turnover issues and boosting Salesforce efficiency. It supplanted the need for an internal administrator, cutting costs by 40%, and provided all-encompassing support for Salesforce and websites. This strategic shift allowed Be Equitable to concentrate on core tasks, markedly enhancing efficiency.

Student Portal & Gamification

Students For Liberty faced challenges in managing extensive student data and events. A customized Salesforce solution, including NPSP and Experience Cloud, was implemented to revolutionize data management and student engagement. It introduced a gamification system for active student participation, boosting volunteer numbers from 750 to 4000 annually, resulting in significant growth in program, engagement, and budget.

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